Who is Mrs Gareth Southgate? 

Her husband is making football history at the World Cup 2018.

But, while England manager Gareth Southgate is a national treasure, few people are familiar with his wife, Alison.

The blonde babe, 51, has been married to the ex-footballer for two decades, yet keeps a low profile. In fact, she actively shuns the glare of the spotlight.

Except, earlier this week, she made a rare public appearance at the nerve-shredding match between England and Colombia, where she provided an emotional embrace for her man.

Originally from West Sussex, Alison Bird was a simple shopgirl before she became a WAG.

She worked in a local clothing boutique, which is where she first met Southgate - who fancied her from afar but, dogged by self-confidence issues, waited over 2 years to ask her out.

Controversially, she was already living with a boyfriend at the time, but dumped him for Gareth,who - back then - was an up-and-coming trainee at Crystal Palace.

Fast-forward to July 1997 and the couple got married in Crawley. Their wedding date was deliberately sandwiched between the World Cup and the European Championship campaigns.

Now, twenty years on, she is the mother to their two teenage children: Mia, 19, and Flynn, 15.

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