When will the 2022 World Cup take place?

The 2018 World Cup comes to an end this weekend with France and Croatia set to compete for the honour of lifting the famous trophy.

Qatar will be the next hosts of the greatest show on Earth after successfully bidding in 2010.

But, it will be one hell of a tough act to follow after FIFA president Infantini declared the 2018 edition to be the greatest ever.

With concerns over the searing summer heat in the desert, the World Cup will now be held in winter, only adding to the controversy surrounding the competition.

Therefore, in an effort to avoid dangerously high temperatures, the tournament will begin on November 21 in Doha before coming to a climax with the final being held on December 18.

With so many of its players set to travel to the Middle East in 2022, the EPL and the Football League will no doubt be forced to alter their calendar in order to fit in a layoff of over a month.

The season could kick off as early as July in order to accommodate a World Cup before going on well into June.

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