The top 10 highest paid team at 2018 Russia World Cup

Russia World Cup 2018 countdown—3 DAYS 

Money really does talk in football. Unsurprisingly, the top ten highest paid teams at the World Cup are also the ten most likely to win the tournament. 


The best players in the world don't come cheap for their clubs, but their countries are just lucky enough to have them.

HT180 SPORT gives you the nations with the biggest earners at Russia 2018.

As we all know, the teams with the most money usually win. 

  1. Uruguay - 2.47m pounds
  2. Croatia - 2.58m pounds
  3. Portugal - 3.68m pounds
  4. England - 4.19m pounds
  5. Germany - 4.87m pounds
  6. Argentina - 5.04m pounds
  7. France - 5.21m pounds
  8. Belgium - 5.22m pounds
  9. Spain - 5.47m pounds

1.Brazil – 5.80m pounds

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