Serbia won't ease off against Switzerland at World Cup

Fresh off the back of a rugged, important win over Costa Rica, the Serbs will feel as though their chances of progressing into the last-16 will be high. 

Ironically, their optimism may be diluted slightly by their opponents’ dogged performance against favourites Brazil, which rightfully earned them a point.

Before the start of the tournament, second place was deemed wide open, under the assumption that Brazil would comfortably top proceedings, though the Swiss’ defiance will have tweaked their own odds slightly.

With Serbia still to face Brazil, who may themselves need a win to ensure progress on the final day, and Switzerland facing Costa Rica, this tie may well go a long way to deciding which team gets through, and which doesn’t.

Although the Brazilians are yet to hit their stride and get into their customary rhythm, Costa Rica’s days may be numbered, leaving Serbia and Switzerland jostling for second – or even top – spot. 

Both sides will know the permutations ahead of kick-off, and will have the luxury of getting underway after the other fixture has finished.

With so much at stake here, neither side will want to lose. Both midfields are filled with hardened ball-winners, so gaining control of the centre of the park and bringing in the wider players will be key to victory.

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