Man United remains most valuable club in Europe

Man United has again been named most valuable European football club, being worth about 3.25n euros says business services group KPMG.

The English club tops KPMG's study of top sides' "enterprise value", ahead of Real Madrid and Barcelona.

The study, based on the 2015-16 and 2016-17 seasons, studied profitability, broadcasting rights, popularity, sporting potential and stadium value.

Champions League finalists Liverpool are in 8th place in the rankings.

In the analysis of 32 major teams, EPL clubs fill six of the top 10 places.

Andrea Sartori, KPMG's global head of sports and the report's author, said the overall value of the football industry had grown over the past year.

As well as dominating the top 10, there were a further three English teams - West Ham, Leicester and Everton - in the top 20 places.

Meanwhile, Napoli (17th placed) became the second most valuable club in Italy, behind Juventus and ahead of the Milan giants.

This year, 12 clubs were valued in excess of 1b euros, two more than in 2017.

And 6 clubs reported an "enterprise value" above 2b euros: 3 from the EPL, 2 from Spain, and one from Germany.

During the 2015-16 and 2016-17 seasons, Man United won the FA Cup, League Cup and Europa League, but have ended the recent campaign trophyless.

Top 10 European clubs by 'enterprise value'

§  Manchester United - 3.255b euros

§  Real Madrid - 2.92b euros

§  Barcelona - 2.78b euros

§  Bayern Munich - 2.55b euros

§  Manchester City - 2.16b euros

§  Arsenal - 2.10b euros

§  Chelsea - 1.76b euros

§  Liverpool - 1.58b euros

§  Juventus - 1.30b euros

§  Tottenham - 1.29b euros

Source: KPMG


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