Juventus say goodbye to Gianluigi Buffon after 6111 legendary days

"Sixthousandonehundredandeleven days" wrote Gianluigi Buffon on his Instagram tribute to Juventus. "Sixthousandonehundredandeleven moments of pure passion. Of joy, of tears, of defeat and of victories."

Unbelievably, 6,111 is the number of days Buffon spent at Juventus. It was 6,111 days of incredible passion, memories, glory and unforgettable moments. A captain, a leader and one of the greatest men to have ever played the sport, Buffon will start his last match for the Bianconeri on Saturday and there won't be a dry eye in the house.

Buffon isn't simply a wonderful human, an honourable player and a loyal servant to the club, but the very symbol of Juventus.

When we speak of Stile Juve, we speak of men like Buffon, who embody the sentiment and who represent the club and Italy proudly on every occasion. He is the player who celebrated with Martin O'Neill and Roy Keane when Ireland beat Italy to qualify for the knockout stages of Euro 2016, the man who counts his lifelong opponent, Iker Casillas, as one of his very best friends and the player who stayed on the pitch after Juve's disappointing loss to Napoli a few weeks ago to congratulate each and every opponent despite his own personal rage.

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