EPL sacked race odds: Mourinho is early favourite for the axe

The sacking of managers has become increasingly prevalent in modern day football. The demand for success is now sky high, while tolerance for dismal results has dropped to basement level.

Ahead of the 2018/19 EPL season, bookmakers having been releasing their odds on the first boss to be sacked.

The race appears to have started early and has a surprise leader: Jose Mourinho. The Man United boss can be found as low as 6/1 to be dismissed.

Mourinho is disgruntled by the lack of signings his side have made this summer and is having a dismal pre-season, having lost 4-1 to Liverpool.

To put his odds into perspective, Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola can be found as long as 80/1 to be axed first.

Here are all the EPL managers and their odds to be sacked 

1/6: J. Mourinho (MU), N. Warnock(Cardiff), J. Garcia(Watford)

1/7: C. Puel (Leicester)

1/9: R. Benitez (Newcastle)

1/16: M. Pellegrini (W. Ham), D. Wagner (Huddersfield), R. Hodgson (C. Palace)

1/18: N. Espirito Santo (Wolves)

1/19: C. Hughton (Brighton)

1/22: S. Jokanovic (Fulham), M. Silva (Everton)

1/25: M. Sarri (Chelsea), E. Howe (Bournemouth)

1/30: S.Dyche (Burnley), M. Pochettino (Spurs)

1/80: P. Guardiola (MC), J. Klopp (Liverpool)

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